Make The Twin Towers Again to Show How Resilient We are  


  The freedom tower sucks.  Do we really need to be known for having the worst , fake  large tower with a fucking pole on top of it to pretend to be taller than it is.


  It's time for NY Govt to focus doing some work as most things shut down during Covid.


I know what you are thinking , "shouldn't the govt use that funding to help the poor and homeless from covid". The govt already is already not helping. With most average income  already suffering to pay rent and get food , not once was there a single month of rent forgiveness done for New Yorkers or universal help, they just dont give a fuck about you. On top of that crime is the highest it's ever been in 20 years, and we just cut 3 billion from the NYPD fund.  We can use that cut to make the original World Trade Center!!

 If we get it done , we will be talked in history books as the most  open and willing to be corrected powerful city in the world.

This will be the greatest coronavirus comeback. Let's get used to it , even with vaccine this virus will be here longer than we want and having a lasting impact on our minds.

 Those of us that have been here , vividly remember the Twin Towers. And though the city is now mainly filled with new jacks and vegan hipsters that you may think won't care, I think they  would like and care that the original Twin Towers were restored. I have seen people way outside of NY also get affected by today , as we are all Americans.

NYC is surely crumbling, this is the shock needed.